Delphi, my pug, entered my life about three years ago. When I was searching for a dog facility to send her to, I  came across Doggonit.  When I checked out the facility, I knew instantly it was the place I wanted to send Delphi to.


When I am at home and mention to Delphi "you're going to see Melanie and Lee," she gets all excited. Delphi knows the routine.


One time when Delphi was at Doggonit, she went into distress and Melanie and Lee phoned me when I was away to say they were taking her to the vet.  They kept me updated on her condition. When I leave Delphi at Doggonit with Melanie and Lee, I know she is in good hands and Delphi knows she is in Doggonit Heaven!  (Like a day at the spa!)


I highly recommend Doggonit to anyone needing care for their precious four legged family member.  Melanie and Lee go above and beyond to look after everyone's dogs!


Thank you Melanie and Lee, very much appreciated!

Kim B.,