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Welcome to Doggonit! Doggy Daycare!  We have been working with dogs since 1997 and, after much encouragement from friends and clients alike, opened our own facility to pursue our passion. Doggonit! is all about the dogs - we treat every dog like they are our family.

Our facilities, inside and out, are cleaned and sanitized daily. Outdoor areas are organic with lots of fresh air, clean water and a large yard to romp and roll in. The dog lounge is heated for the cold days and plenty of ventilation for the warmer days. Inside, there are dog beds, sofas and chairs throughout to make your dog feel at home and relaxed.

All the dogs are free to play and run outside or chill and relax in the lounge as they please. All dog areas are fully fenced and secured. Daycare includes regular feedings and treats (which you supply), constant supervision and as much play and exercise as they want. There are quiet areas for dogs that want some relax time and lots of snuggle time with Lee and Melanie.  We have the facilities for raw food and we will also administer medications as required.

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Grooming and Training


Bordeaux Spaw visits our daycare on site and grooms your dog during their visit with us. Contact us to arrange for a grooming appointment.

Bordeaux Spaw

Owner and Head Groomer, Brittany takes her job very seriously, protecting the dignity and happiness of each and every one of her clients, pet and human! She also spends her time working at the Emergency Veterinary clinic a of the fraser valley protecting the internal health of animals. Her love for animals and people alike inspire her to purse a career not just in caring for the external health of animals but in saving animals lives one groom at a time! Her passion is to get animals out of the shelters and into loving forever homes by providing not-for-profit grooms to as many shelters and rescues as she can, this was her motivation for starting "Bordeaux Spaw"! Her goal is to groom and adopt out as many animals a month as they can; big, small, farm or domestic finding them loving and forever homes one groom at a time.


We have training classes through Doggonit with Donna Toews of Reflection Pet Services. From puppy and good manners classes to K9 Nose Work, contact us to see when the next classes available are!

Reflection Pet Services

Donna Toews (CPDT-KA, CNWI) has been training dogs and their humans for many years. A life living and caring for animals, and 20 years volunteering with breed rescue, naturally steered her to learn and apprentice in the training field.

In 2004, she created her owner-operated business, Reflection Pet Services, for training pet dogs. Her ongoing professional education includes seminars and hands-on workshops with top international authorities on animal behaviour and canine training. She is certified (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and (CNWI) the National Association of Canine Scent Work™.
She made a choice to offer common sense dog training methods where the use of aversives are not necessary. When dogs work for what they want and avoid that which they don't, it's elementary to change behaviours.

Donna became interested in K9 Nose Work® in the fall of 2009 and attended her first US seminar with the co-founder in January 2010. In February 2011 Donna brought Ron Gaunt to Canada and he demonstrated the sport of K9 Nose Work®. She participates in the sport by teaching it locally, travelling to the US on a regular basis to participate and volunteer at NACSW events. As the first trainer to present K9NW classes in Canada, she is also the first Canadian K9 Nose Work® instructor to title a dog and the first International team to earn NACSW Elite status.

Donna volunteers with area shelters and rescue groups to assess and rehabilitate their adoptable dogs. Part of her volunteer work includes teaching shelter volunteers appropriate handling of shelter dogs.
She is the author of Introduction to Disaster Animal Response whose curriculum is being taught in Western Canada and was part of a disaster animal response consulting team for the Canadian Federal Government in 2007. Her efforts as a specially trained disaster responder volunteer include Firestorm 2003, Katrina 2005, Freshette 2007 and Apartment Fire 2007.


Shuttle Service

available starting from 6:30am - More Info on our Shuttle Service



Monday – Friday - 6:30am – 6:30pm
Weekends & Holidays – By appointment only

As much as we would love to have you drop in with your dog, we need to meet you first to make sure your dog is a good fit.  We do not accept aggressive or un-fixed dogs.  Please call or email us to arrange for a viewing of the facilities and discuss the needs for your best friend.

Reservations are required for all services please.

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