Hot Diggety! We Are Opening!

We are doing the happy dance with excitement because our grand opening is set for August 19th! 



It's amazing to look back on the past three months and see how much we have accomplished.  The barn was completely excavated, cleaned, reframed and freshened up with a new floor, new walls and fun art painted by some very talented artists.  New fencing is currently being completed around the main field and we have repaired and painted the fencing around the remaining two fields.


Gibbs 1


One of the things we love most about this place is how natural and organic it is.  There are so many birds, dragonflies, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife - we really feel like we live in the country.  And this is exactly the type of environment we want for our dogs.  There has been no greater joy for us than to see Jasper and Lemon racing around the property with unbridled elation and exhilaration, savouring the vast space, the fresh air and the endless entertainment and attraction of all the little critters that scamper around here.  We really wish every dog could have this life.




I am sure Lee and I are not alone with our passion for our dogs.  They bring us such happiness every day and we really cannot imagine life without them.  We take their health, happiness, safety and security very seriously which means we have put a lot of thought and consideration into every decision with regards to getting everything prepared for Doggonit.  We have such a passion for dogs and our goal is that your dog will feel safe, happy and home with us.




We look forward to welcoming you here at Doggonit!  Jasper and Lemon can't wait for more play buddies and it is going to be our genuine pleasure being able to provide a fun, healthy environment for your pups when you aren't able to be with them!

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