Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...and Work Hard…and Have Patience (Oh boy…)

Lee and I have been laying road base and bark mulch for the past few days while we wait on the contractors.  I have come to realize that contractors are a slippery bunch indeed.  Just when you think you have one committed, bada-bing, it's like the big fish that got away.

So while we wait we are occupying our time with other projects that need to be done.


On the good news front, we have all the walls, ceilings and insulation completed in the dog lounge; this was an accomplishment and a half.  We are now painting and getting ready for the lounge dividers and fencing as well as the exterior fencing.

The pathways from the parking lot are completed and we have just a few more plants in pots that need to find their permanent homes via a little grunt work on our part with shovels.


We created a berm in one of the dog run areas and it has been sodded and is looking beautiful, lush and green.  There are so many dragonflies around the berm, we have named it Dragonfly Island.  It is so magical.  Most of the bark mulch has been laid down around it.  For those wondering about the bark mulch, it is a Grade A bark mulch of Hemlock and Fir - safe for the pups and easy on their paws.

While we work in the glorious outdoors, we are constantly reminded of the natural beauty here.  Dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds zip and flit around us all day.  We have cheeky robins who are taking full advantage of the groundwork we do to scoop up wriggly earthworms that get displaced with every shovelful of soil we overturn.  The robins follow us and check us out by hopping little by little, closer and closer, heads cocked to one side, observing us like we are some fascinating creature.  You can't help but adore them.

The squirrels here are chubby little daredevils.  This morning, a beefy grey squirrel jumped from one branch to another and the branch snapped and barely hung on.  He was swinging like Tarzan for a few frightening seconds before he managed to scamper on up to a safer place.


We have a kazillion rabbits here too.  No, really, a kazillion!  I counted them all one night.  They keep us entertained and quite often come right up to the back of the house and peek in on us while we are peeking out at them.  I saw a little baby bunny hop through the fence the other day - such a wee little thing that had the coordination of Bambi on ice.  I kept quiet so Jasper and Lemon, who were hanging out at my feet, wouldn't catch on to the little guy.  I didn't want a bunny-cide on the property.  Thankfully, there have been great bunny chases with all bunnies escaping to the safety of the blackberry bushes on the other side of the fence.

So, as I revel in the natural beauty we have here in South Surrey, I remind myself that delays are the nature of the beast when venturing into the world of entrepreneurialism and not all goes as planned.  Is it a test for patience?  Maybe.  But it certainly makes what we are aiming for all that much sweeter because we worked hard for it and will truly appreciate that day when we can say "We are open!" and hear the pitter patter of happy little paws playing all around us.

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