Doing it Right

One thing about opening up a business on residential property is being mindful that you have neighbours. We have met some of our neighbours and had long discussions with them about our business here at Doggonit and how we want to run it while still keeping in good-standing with them. We strive to be considerate and accountable as well as become active members in our new community. It’s kind of like a marriage, isn’t it? It is something that requires constant nourishment of communication and effort.

Today, we received probably one of the most heart-warming messages as we ventured into the first week of being open for business. This wonderful woman called and left a voicemail in her kindly accented voice for us that went like this:

“…I live in this neighbourhood. I have to congratulate you. You did a beautiful job. I think it’s a much needed daycare and so nice. It’s unbelievable. I make sure that all of my friends who are animal-oriented know about this. This is incredible. It’s been needed for a long time. You seem to be kind people. This is wonderful. I approve of it and I make sure that everyone knows this is in existence. I think you have the right idea.”

We know that we have been the subject of much scrutiny and curiosity these past few months. We have had the pleasure of meeting many of the local residents and chatting with them. We really love the feel of this community – it is such a warm and friendly place. And of course, we love their dogs too. We have had the honour of making the acquaintance of quite a few of the neighbourhood pooches and they always put a big smile on our faces.

It’s a great thing to get affirmation from a total stranger that we are doing the right thing. We hope to continue doing the right thing too. We look forward to more visits from everyone and we are more than happy to show off the end result of all of our hard work and effort. Come in for a visit and a tour. We look forward to making your acquaintance.

As for the doggies we have today, we must be doing it right with them too because they were all crashed and pooped by 2pm. We had a lot of fun in the wading pool and with the hose on this hot sunny day. We hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer as much as we are!

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