About Us

Simon-JUMPWelcome to Doggonit! Doggy Daycare!  We have been working with dogs since 1997 and, after much encouragement from friends and clients alike, opened our own facility to pursue our passion. Doggonit! is all about the dogs – we treat every dog like they are our family.

We are a natural and holistic-minded daycare.  We do not require the Bordatella vaccine and we accept Titer test results as proof of immunity.

We promote healthy nutrition for dogs and have plenty of information on food and supplements as well as where to find them locally or online.  We are always happy to have a chat about how we can help your dog be healthy and happy!

Our clients' dogs are like our dogs - we give exceptional care and attention to them.  They are all special to us and we love their individual personalities.  We have a great family of dogs here and get a lot of enjoyment in watching them play and interact with each other as well as the love they give us.  We truly appreciate our clients - they are some amazing folks whom we have had the pleasure of getting to know through the years and our lives are much fuller because of them.