Whisperings of Snow

I heard whisperings of snow in the weather forecast recently.  Depending on your perspective of things, this will either elicit a reaction of you crawling under your desk, hugging yourself while rocking back and forth for comfort or you will be gleefully dancing down your leaf-strewn street, singing “Let it Snow” at the top of your lungs, tossing ribbon candy to strangers who pass.  I am more the dancing type but I will spare my neighbours the singing part.  I value that friendly relationship we have built up with them.


Once I start thinking about our property and our insanely long driveway, though, the dancing might be curbed for a bit too.  Our house is at the back of our 1.7 acres.  Our client parking lot is about a third of the way up the property.  It’s a lot of driveway to shovel.  I get tired just contemplating it.  I’m thinking it’s a good time to buy a snow blower.

I am a Tim the Tool Man kind of gal.  Most of the tools in our garage our mine.  I affirm this with Lee all the time – my inner 3 year-old is always reminding him our skookum cordless drill is really mine.  My father-in-law chuckled when he gave me his Dremel tool.  I did a happy dance and told Lee “Mine, all mine…mwaaahaaahaaa!”  Of course, Lee gets my sense of humour.  He knows I will let him touch the tools.  Occasionally.

tim taylor

I probably grunt while walking around in my garage taking stock of how many gas and electric powered things are in there.  The thought of getting another one just gives me the warm fuzzies.  I know – I probably need help.  My business case for the snow blower though centres on safety.  It’s not just about our personal safety here, but the welfare of all who visit us on the property, I think this tool is justified. ← *Lee, did you see this word? 

Christmas 2008 Snow Days 003a


Warm fuzzies or not, winter is approaching.  If it snows here, I know I won’t be the only one leaping for joy.  The first time Jasper experienced snow, it was pure, unbridled revelry.  His energy level accelerated and his leaping and bounding was in fine, fine form.  He is like a miniature Lipizzaner Stallion.  Lemon, being a Greek island girl, had never seen snow before and her first exposure to it was one of wide-eyed fascination.  Then she saw Jasper kicking up his heels and she quickly followed suit in the celebration of all things white and fluffy.  There is something satisfying in watching their euphoria over something so simple and natural.


We are going to have a great big snow party with all the dogs here when we finally get the white stuff.  There is going to be a crazy amount of excitement from dogs and humans alike.  I am going to see if I can train them to build igloos.  We can set up forts and have the biggest snowball fight.  Ever.  I think a few snow angels are in order too.  Mock me, if you will, but I am telling you – it’s going to be Fun City around here.  Snowball fetch, a good frolic and chase and then inside for cuddles and quietude; resting up to do it all over again later on.


Christmas 2008 Snow Days 030

All humour aside - the cold can be a source of suffering for many dogs each winter.  I have researched a few articles and videos that give some great advice on how to keep your pets safe this winter.  These links are in the Related Links section to the right of this column.

We are keeping toasty warm here in the dog lounge at Doggonit.  We have couches and blankets to snuggle in, lots of dog beds and of course, we have heat.  There is nothing like a cozy snooze after rip-roaring around outside with gusto and vivacity and a good towel-down by the humans afterwards.  We, at Doggonit, hope your beloved furry family members are adequately outfitted and watched over for this wintry season’s chilly days and nights.  Stay warm, my friends.Jessie with gloves

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